Movement 2030 is not a brand-new plan. Instead, it aims to build on existing plans, align strategies, and translate priorities into specific initiatives for the next seven years.

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One Initiative, Many Team Players

Key Milestones by 2030


  • 550 more countywide children will be ready-for-school. Over the entire investment period, that’s an additional 1,800 school-ready kids.

  • 1,500 additional individuals will have degrees and/or certifications by 2030.

  • All Highland and Northside neighborhood residents will benefit from even stronger local community institutions, grassroots leaders, housing improvements, positive economic impacts, and high quality equitable services. 

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Movement 2030 represents the next horizon of our shared journey toward equity and opportunity, building on our decades of progress and setting the stage for long-term work through 2030 and beyond.

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