About the Movement

Movement 2030 seeks to improve cradle-to-career outcomes and close racial and geographic disparities both county-wide and at the neighborhood level.

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More than Just a Vision

Movement 2030 is a grassroots, neighborhood-driven plan with bold ideas and specific strategies to drive economic mobility in Spartanburg.

Supported by local, regional, and national partners, our our goals are to:

  • Advance outcomes by 65% in early care and education, helping them enter school prepared for success.
  • Increase the number of Spartanburg County high school graduates enrolling in postsecondary education within one year to 70%. With an additional 1,000 degrees and 500 certifications received by the 2030-2031 school year.
  • Increase school readiness and academic progression in the Highland and Northside to counties by 15-30%. 
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Our Track Record

We know that building equity and opportunity is generational work.

In recent decades, we have:

  • Implemented measurement systems
  • Deepened adoption of evidence-based strategies
  • Fostered growth of historically disinvested neighborhoods
  • Advanced grassroots leadership development
  • Cultivated innovative models
  • Developed strong relationships between sectors
  • Pioneered effective public-private partnership structures
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What’s Next 

Movement 2030 represents the next horizon of our community’s shared journey toward equity and opportunity. We’re building on our decades of progress and setting the stage for long-term work through 2030… and beyond.

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